It rained a bit last night. We packed up a wet campsite this morning. Camping is not my favorite thing to do and I am warming up to it. It’s part of the trip and it keeps the total cost down. The campground was operated by Mennonites offered a lot for kids and was beautifully kept.

We expected rain all day on our 65 mile ride to Southampton. We got a few drops here and there along our route. What we did get unfortunately was all day headwinds. He headwinds made this a physically demanding day. The highlight of the day was the Organic Bakery we stumbled across about 20 miles into the ride. We shared a Vegetable Pakora a slice of Strawberry & Apple pie and then went back for a Porgoda, something iike a Pakora and an oatmeal chocolate cookie. Yummy. The baker owner is an artist too. Allen took a couple of pictures. We’ve been cycling most of the trip past fields of bright yellow flowering green stalks, like fields of wheat. I just learned that this is from what Canola oil is made from. Really pretty.

I’m glad that we were smart enough to treat ourselves to a room at the Quality Inn. We ordered our dinner from an Italian place that delivers.


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