Today was another pretty, but hot and windy day. Again we kept it short, but again fighting the headwinds sucked uc of the fun out of the ride.

We did have some nice stops. First a snack break under a shade tree alongside a wheat field, then an ice cream stop at a rural store, followed soon after by a big breakfast we ate at lunch time at a local diner.

Soon after we arrived in Goderich and got a room at the Maple Leaf Motel, which is amazingly immaculate and comfortable. Jodi walked down to the beach fr a couple of hours this afternoon while I vegged out in the room, then we walked downtown for a nice dinner.

Our plan for tomorrow is to get up before the crack of dawn and try to get some miles in before the wind picks up, but the forecast is for wind and thunderstorms overnight so we’ll have to see what it’s doing outside when we get up.

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