It’s Jodi, As we’ve been heading South on the South East side of the Lake I’ve noticed that the small towns and houses have been older some dating from the 1800s. I thiink some places look a bit British like.Most of this side of the Lake if farmland though. I might sound like a boor if I mention the headwinds again today and more upcoming tomorrow, so I won’t. We cycled 50 miles today mostly on main shoulder-less roads. We rolled into Kettlepoint around 2:30pm checked into a motel on the same main road, Route 21. A few minutes later I removed my panniers, saddled up again and rode 2.5 miles to the beach. The water is so nice and the sand soft. The sounds from the beach are nice the water and the kids playing.

Tomorrow we plan to conclude our riding. We are about 32 miles from Port Huron, Michigan. I find that most vacations are over so fast. It seems like we just started. One thing that I won’t miss is the wind! default icon 07_14_16.gpx