We were up early to try t beat the wind. Since there was no place to get any breakfast anywhere near where we were staying, we boiled water for tea on our little camp stove and ate some fig squares we had bought at a local farm market yesterday.

We were out on the road at first light but the wind was already blowing. We just put our heads down and cranked into the wind. Eventually we passed the sign denoting the outskirts of Sarnia, and soon after that we came to a Tim Hortons where we stopped for coffee and food. While relaxing there Jodi pointed out that there was a bike trail paralleling the busy road we were on so when we left we switched over to that, which made our entry into downtown Sarnia much more pleasant.

We made our way to the last entrance ramp to the highway that passes over the Blue Water Bridge, and I called the number had for the Bridge Authority and told them we were two bicyclists needing to get across the bridge. After a few quick questions I was told that I had called the US Bridge Authority and since we were on the Canadian side I had to call the Canadian Authority. The guy I was talking to gave me their phone number which I then called. As in most such instances, the Canadian folks were much more polite and helpful than their US counterparts. After confirming that we were long distance cyclists — they don’t provide rides for folks who just want to cycle over the river for lunch or whatever, you have to be on a long distance journey — the gentleman I was talking to said he was going to call the US side and make sure they weren’t too busy for our arrival. If not then he would be there in a few minutes with the truck, and if so then he would call me right back.

A few minutes later he pulled up with his truck, helped me load the bikes in the back, and we were off across the bridge. He dropped us at the door of the US Customs building and we went in and presented our passports, and in a couple of minutes were on our way down the exit ramp from the bridge.

As a special welcome home, it started raining just as we got off the bridge, but we were only a mile or so from the Warmshowers host where we had left our car and we were there in a few minutes, completing our loop around Lake Huron.
Thank you so much for your hospitality, Bonnie! default icon 07_15_16.gpx