Hi Jodi here,

We are still at Forest City. Who knows how long we will be here waiting for the part for our RV to be manufactured. Yesterday morning I drove 30 miles to the nearest Crossfit. It’s a fast 30 minute drive down a series single lane roads, and it’s telling how little there is around here. The weather has been varied. We’ve had rain and downpours and sun and wind. The sky is so big here you can see big beautiful fields of clouds and see several rain storms of in the distances. The air here is delightful

Today we bicycled twenty miles to Clear Lake on lightly traveled roads.This is farm country. The skies this morning were bright blue. We had a tail wind to our advantage. One thing that Clear Lake is famous for is the Surf Ballroom. The Ballroom is remembered as the location of the last concert that Buddy Holly and Richie Valens gave shortly before their plane crashed a few miles from this site. The town had an old fashion feel to it from a brass band playing on the town green to diagonal parking on the main street. There were big beautiful houses along with boats completely surrounding the Lake.

We had lunch and started our return trip. The weather changed, clouds, rain drops and severe wind right in our faces and broadside. It was a real effort to get back to the RV and we missed the downpour by 30 minutes. We had a good dinner.

Boo. Hoo. There is really no reasonable destination to bike to tomorrow. I might finish my book, The Nature Fix. I’m learning the science behind how being outdoors in natural settings is so important to living a less stressful and healthy life. I also think that I might find a place along the river to draw, that’s as long as the wind is not to strong and the rain holds off.