Hi, This is Jodi

I had a great day. I drove to Crossfit, Chiron in Mason City again. I pulled up as everyone was running out the door for a 400 meter run. I hurriedly joined in with car keys dangling in one hand and my “drop in” fee in the other. It was a great workout, mostly core exercises. I practiced breathing throughout and the work and was so much easier than holding my breath

As soon as class let out I drove a mile to a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I didn’t realize until yesterday afternoon that in Mason City there is a hotel, bank and a house built in 1910 and 1908 respectively. I took the house tour and loved every second of it. I learned that once FLW’s scandalous affair became known he was not invited back to Mason City.

Allen stayed in the RV and worked on editing a video project.

I got back and we went to the Laundromat. On the way we learned that the parts have arrived and will be installed tomorrow. We expect to be staying in Sioux City, Iowa..Walmart Parking lot tomorrow. Oh, well, the price is right.

All in all I enjoyed the unplanned stay in this part of the country.