It’s July 4th. I’ve been so busy doing fun things that I haven’t kept up with this blog. Yesterday was one of those days that zoomed by. In the morning Joyce stopped by with her dog Jango and her bother’s dog Zack. We walked the Clear Creek Trail back to her house and visited for a while. In the late morning Allen and I went to REI in down town Denver. It’s enormous and it’s in what was the 1901 Trolley Station, We were able to buy a National Parks Pass and other things all with Allen’s dividends. Afterwards we enjoyed a pizza at Proto’s. We dined outdoors on the old street lined with mid 19th century buildings. It was enjoyable watching people walk, skateboard, bike and drive down the street. We came back and I went for a slow walk along the trail adjacent to Clear Creek. It was beautiful. I particularly liked watching people the many people tubing down the river. The expressions on their faces were priceless as they tried to navigate around the little falls to avoid tipping over into the cold water that is freshly melted snow. Occasionally a tubers eyes would meet my smile and I would receive a smile in return.

We went out for dinner again with Joyce and Pat. I asked if we could go to the same Mexican restaurant that we went to on Friday. The Ceviche, was delicious and I wanted to order it again and again we sat outdoors and were treated to some magnificent gusts of wind winding through the picturesque mountain setting.

This morning I got up and went to and was welcomed at Trailhead Crossfit. They had a special 4th of July team workout and it was great. I loved the camaraderie of being part of a team. Our team was 4 women. Half of the workout was outdoors. I couldn’t ask for anything better, working out in and surrounded by mountains. a gorgeous day. We ran to each outdoor location to complete the tasks. deadlifts, box jumps, kettlebell swings, etc… I wanted to do it all over again when we were done.

Allen is out on a bike ride right now. It’s 11:45am I wanted to go and Allen waited for me. He could only wait so long. I’m sure that he wanted to ride before it got too hot. Unusual but Crossfit went long I think because of the holiday and it was the only scheduled class.

I hear the band playing in the park about a two minute walk from the RV. I am going to stroll over and I might put my feet into the creek. Preview attachment FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg 1.6 MB