Yesterday was our first full day in Golden, CO. The weather has been mostly beautiful. Yesterday the difference in the temperature from the shade to the sun seemed like 15 degrees. Yesterday Allen and Allen’s friend Cassie who lives nearby went for a hike to Lookout Mountain. We hiked 4 miles up and 4 miles down. I loved every step of the way up. I took a lot of pictures of the wild flowers, They grow everywhere. I am happy to look at them. I plan to do a drawing or two from the pictures I took. The views were beautiful as they are everywhere here.
We got back from out hike in the middle of the afternoon and I rode my bike 1 mile to my friends Joyce and Pat’s house. We visited on their porch for the remainder of the afternoon. A couple of their friends joined us and Pat and Joyce cooked an excellent dinner including desert.

Today I joined Pat and her bike group friends for a bike ride up into the mountains. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t make because of the altitude, but I figured that I would tough it out. We started in Idaho Springs followed the Clear Creek River up to Bakerville I stopped at 20 miles up and just under 10,000′ It was great being up in the mountains. I didn’t suffer at all. The down hill was really fun. The views were terrific everywhere you looked. We even passed a narrow gauge Clear Creek railroad built in the 1870 for transport to mining areas from Denver. Now it is used for tourist rides. Products/9780738529295
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