We got late start on 6/28. We spent $$$$ on our leveling jacks at Winnebago and left Forest City around 4pm. Allen drove to another Walmart somewhere in Nebraska. We arrived around 7:30pm. Yesterday we drove past more farms of corn and soybean, mostly corn. We went to an absolutely beautiful quiet lush campground in Grand Island, Nebraska. Upon entering I saw a Crane with her little crane children crossing the road. The trees and the greenery at the campground looked so artistic to me. I spent some time looking at birds with my binoculars. I spotted what I think is an American Goldfinch. I saw one today, while at a rest area in Nebraska on the trip to Colorado and was lucky to get a couple of pictures. We passed wetlands river and of course farms of corn, grasslands and some cows the topography changed though and we saw Sandhills and Prairie.


I wish that we could have stayed the day but we lost/spent a lot of time in Forest City, IA. Tomorrow we will be in Golden, CO. for 5 days Home of my longtime friends Joyce and Pat. Looking forward. By the way Allen has driven every mile on this trip. I’ve offered. I don’t mind.